Our Principal Partners - 2017

We partner with the following reputable organizations to help bring a wide range of services and support to the homeless here in Atlanta.

Intown Collaborative Ministries goal is to provide long-term and immediate support to intown neighbors to permanently prevent and alleviate homelessness. The River’s partnership with ICM helps them reach 160 more chronically homeless people each year, placing 40 of them in permanent housing.

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First Step’s mission is to end homelessness by helping recently homeless or at-risk people find jobs. Since 2016, First Step has recruited and placed over 2000 people who were experiencing homelessness. The River’s work with First Step allows them to expand their recruitment efforts, and employ more people.

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street medicine

Mercy Care Street Medicine takes medical and mental health care to people living on the streets, under bridges, and in the woods, making “house calls” to those experiencing homelessness. Our partnership with them allows Street Medicine to expand their reach, and extend their impact.

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The Living Room

Recognizing housing as a fundamental right and key component of living with dignity, Living Room works to enable people experiencing homelessness and living with HIV/AIDS to find and maintain permanent housing.

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City of Atlanta Public Defenders' Office

City of Atlanta Public Defenders' Office is initiating a pretrial diversion program to keep the chronically homeless out of the criminal justice system and instead use their arrest as an opportunity to get them to agree to go into housing and get them off the streets.

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"To do justice and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God"

-Micah 6:8