House Calls on the Homeless

By April 23, 2018 Stories from The River

Street Medicine’s mobile medical clinic goes out on “rounds” four nights per week, in and around downtown Atlanta, providing medical and behavioral care for those that live outside.

It was a moving experience for us to join Street Medicine on a recent cold and blustery evening, as our mobile clinic pulled up just across the street from the Gold Dome, Georgia’s state capitol. Within yards of that building, it seemed horrifying, and ironic, that there were at least a dozen people hunkered down on the sidewalk, under blankets and in sleeping bags.

Almost all of them expected the Street Medicine team that night, and we were greeted with hugs and smiles. It was, quite literally, as if we were making a house call to everyone there. The medical and psychiatric team did everything from take blood pressure and draw blood, to offer medication and provide counseling.

An hour later, we pulled away and moved to the next location, but we left behind people, in the most difficult of environments, with some quality care provided with a great deal of dignity. Our hats are off the the amazing team at Mercy Care’s Street Medicine.

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