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The River would welcome your involvement and engagement in our work, and the work of our partner organizations. Whether you want to work to help us meet the immediate needs of those who are living outside, lend your expertise to our social strategies to change the way that our communities view our homeless friends, or work directly with some of our principal partners, we need your involvement in order for us to be successful.

How You Can Help The Homeless

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Help by Volunteering

The River needs people to help manage our clothes closet, be a part of the team that makes sleeping mats for our homeless friends, serves food to women who are housed in a transitional shelter, join our social media strategy and execution team, or help us in our political advocacy efforts. Or, you may want to join one of our partners as a volunteer in its organization.

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Help by Donating

We rely on your financial gift to be able to continue our work, and we assure you that we will use your gift to directly help people who are experiencing homelessness. You don’t have to give much to make a difference. Every bit you can spare helps.

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